Our pricing is pretty simple and I think you'll find very reasonable. Our aim is not to make money on this venture, but to improve the online look of the GOP. We charge only what is necessary to cover our own costs. So there really is no room for negotiation, but I think if you ask around, you'll find there is little reason to negotiate for a lower price. We're already the lowest around!

Our prices are as follows:

We'll install a Joomla website, setup the SQL database, and customize if for your organization. A custom logo will be included in your site. Full service also includes one full year of hosting, ftp, email and security updates. A site manual will be included to assist you in keeping your site up to date with your organization's latest news.


$100 - HOSTING
This is the yearly cost of hosting your site, which includes use of FTP, email setup and Joomla security updates.

$100 - LOGO ONLY
One of our professional graphic designers will design a custom logo for your site to add that personal touch!

We think you'll find that these fees are very reasonable not only considering what you get, but also considering what the market rates are for such work. Plus you'll be happy to know your money is going to fellow conservatives!


Prepared and paid for by the BPOU Builders. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.